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Special thanks to the following Artists that have contributed art to PickCrafter:

Allen Amin -- Link

Balduranne -- Link

Ryan Flood -- Link

Rock Shield -- Link

Materials licensed from their original and sole owners:


32x Lithos by eleazzaar -- Link

Ozocraft by Ozo -- Link

Age of Eteria by NiftyLad -- Link

Unmodified materials under a public Creative Commons License:


700+ RPG Icons by Lorc -- Link

Sound Effects:

Alien Voice Speak by qubodup -- Link

Annulet of absorption by CosmicD -- Link

Arcade Music Loop by joshuaempyre -- Link

Boiling Ether by ezwider -- Link

bubbles by cognito perceptu -- Link

Buddism chant by jobro -- Link

Calm Synthesizer, B by InspectorJ -- Link

Dark Energy_build up by kantouth -- Link

Dramatic choir 2 by jobro -- Link

Earthquake by hiriak -- Link

ecofuture3 by soneproject -- Link

Epic Glitch Magic by qubodup -- Link

Explosion_Droll by jonccox -- Link

Fast Ticking by PatrickLieberkind -- Link

FLASH SOUND_dry by jordanthebamf -- Link

Fire Spell 01 by DiscoveryME -- Link

Fire Spell 3 by alonsotm -- Link

Gate Pulse Pad_01 by vartioh -- Link

Geiger by eardeer -- Link

Geiger Counter Clicks by qubodup -- Link

Happy Music by monkeyman535 -- Link

heartbeat by Taira Komori -- Link

HORROA01 by NoiseCollector -- Link

Ice 01 by punpcklbw -- Link

IceSpell 03 by alonsotm -- Link

Lighter by dersuperanton -- Link

Loop 1 drop by Goup_1 -- Link

Magic portal open by alanmcki -- Link

menuInc by RunnerPack -- Link

Missle Launch 01 by unfa -- Link

Monster Laugh by qubodup -- Link

Notification Signal by qubodup -- Link

om-mani-padme_hum by CosmicD -- Link

Poison Spell Magic by qubodup -- Link

Sci-Fi Generator Shutdown by qubodup -- Link

Slime Jump by DrMinky -- Link

Snow_14 by iujhu -- Link

Soundscape_Radio_Geiger by adneonlux -- Link

Spacey Laser Swirl by duckduckpony -- Link

tail 227 by Jovica -- Link

TimeTravel by jameswrowles -- Link

up and down by burninvernon -- Link

Water slosh spashing-3 by AGFX -- Link

Woosh by RunnerPack -- Link

Unmodified materials under the Apache 2.0 License:

Project Zulu originally by Crudedragos, maintained by Soultek101 -- Link

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